Picture Your Business in East Orange, Passaic, or Fair Lawn, NJ With Custom Awnings

We can bring your design ideas to life

Commercial awnings provide the opportunity for further brand exposure. They also help to protect against unpredictable weather. If you're looking for a reliable company based-in Lyndhurst, NJ to install your custom awnings, look no further than Protos Group LLC. Look to us for all design, installation and repair services.

How can your business benefit from custom awnings?

How can your business benefit from custom awnings?

Commercial awnings give your business in Fair Lawn, East Orange, Passaic, Lyndhurst, or North Arlington, NJ character and allure. They are reminiscent of simpler times and look charming. Although custom awnings are excellent design tools, they also serve a valuable purpose to the success of your business. Here's how:

  • Customers can easily spot your business
  • It protects your product from ultraviolet rays
  • Custom awnings protect against harsh weather
Looking for commercial awnings in East Orange, Passaic, Lyndhurst, or Fair Lawn, NJ? Visit our Contact Us page to schedule your service. We'll help you design your custom awnings from start to finish.